The unintentional heirloom piece


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Casio Quartz


“A Casio quartz left behind by grandma after her passing in February this year. It was her 80th Birthday present from us back in 2005. Sometimes, it is pieces like this that holds more value (sentimental) than even your more/most expensive timepieces. We have since changed the battery and Mum is continuing the legacy of this timepiece.”

Grandmother’s Hourglass


This hourglass is very dear to me. It was a gift from my late grandmother (1993, I think). It has been sitting on my desk for over 20 odd years. I remember utilising it a lot between the ages of 9 and 12, using it to time my breath, holding it until the sand runs out. I’ve finally brought it over to my new apartment, and it’s proudly displaying in my living room. P.S. It has a countdown timer of approximately 3 minutes!

‘Ruko Super’ Watch


“I guess this story is gonna freak out some of you, if not, all. Haha! This watch belongs to my Grandpa, Alexander Chew. It was his everyday watch. Grandpa passed away in 1965 when Dad was only 12. His “Ruko Super” watch was strapped on to his wrist until year 2000, when his grave was exhumed. This watch has been sitting in my Dad’s drawer all these years and was only restored on February 2014. This year, we will be commemorating his 50th death anniversary.
Today (September 14, 2015), we commemorate the 50th anniversary of my grandfather’s passing with his timepiece.”


A photo of the watch fresh from the grave

What a truly incredible, albeit creepy story! Check out the rest of his collection and follow him @horologym to see some other incredible pieces.

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