Tempus fugit amor manet


Tempus Fugit Amor Manet
Stowa Antea 390 Day Date
Photos by @jrc_id

I had been wanting to have a ‘real watch’ for a while. It all began when my girlfriend bought me a Fossil watch when I was 18. After a few years and countless hours of browsing the web, I felt I was ready to purchase my first watch. I decided it would be something with a humble ETA movement, possibly a watch with a ETA 2824 movement. The branding and aesthetics of the watch would be dependent on what I believed would be a timeless/attractive style personally and something that would fit within my budget. I was a student at the time so my budget wasn’t limitless, but I was happy to set aside around 1k to purchase it.

When I am looking to purchase a watch, I also always ask myself, “is this something that I can see myself keeping for the next 50 years? If so, then I will definitely consider purchasing it”.

I had always been drawn to Stowa’s watches. They make high quality watches for great value, have an amazing selection of styles and most importantly have a long history of creating watches; to a degree that much of their aesthetics and design are still very similar from when it was when they begun.

At first I was drawn to the Marine Original with the Unitas 6497 movement. I love watches with clean dials and a clear case back to showcase the movement that lies within. I also loved the style of their Antea watches, however I wasn’t a big fan of having a date window at 3 o’clock. Additionally, I wanted a Stowa watch with the original logo, as they were rebranding their logo at this time and many of their newer watches were coming out with a different style of logo, without their signature ’S’. As a designer, I feel sometimes having a date window at 3 o’clock ruins the balance of the watch face and makes it feel like they are just placed there for the sake of having one on the watch. I don’t believe this is always the case however! I ended up coming across a discontinued model, the Stowa Antea 390 Day Date and immediately knew I wanted that one. The day and date window at 6 o’clock looked great and the watch face was a great size and had an amazing silvery glimmer to it.

I have been quite lucky in that my girlfriend has always been supportive of this obsessive and expensive hobby. After a long search trying to find a second hand one, I came across one and snatched it up straight away. As a present for my 23rd birthday, she offered to pay for it, and to this day it has been one of the best gifts she has given me. Because of this, the Stowa watch is really special to me… I have been with my girlfriend a while now, and over time, as we experience more and our story grows, memories of the past will naturally slowly slip away. I decided to personalise the watch in some way to encapsulate the memories, I don’t think I will ever be letting this one go.

I purchased an OEM rotor off Ebay and then had it hand engraved. I planned to have my girlfriend and my name on it, the date and some scroll patterning from a hand engraver that I had done some amazing work from previously. He is a real artisan. If there was any spare room it was suggested that I could add ‘Tempus Fugit Amor Manet’, which means ‘Time Flies Love Remains’ in Latin, but unfortunately there was no room. After having the engraving done, I opened the case back myself and replaced the Stowa rotor with my own.