It was a bug, and I’d caught it!


Carrera Calibre 5
The story of a special Carrera by @insta_nick_of_time

Back in 2012, my 21st birthday was approaching and my parents told me that due to the significance of the occasion, they would like to gift me with a nice watch. Apart from the standard ‘kids’ watches that are more disposable, I had never had a proper watch, something they told me, I was to keep with me for many years to come. Before this time, I hadn’t really considered watches before, however, as soon as they told me to start thinking about choosing one, the game began! It was a bug, and I’d caught it!

Thinking back before then though, it’s always sort of been there, but hadn’t surfaced specifically. I remember sitting at the table once with dad, and glancing at his watch – an Omega Seamaster – and I saw that the seconds hand wasn’t ticking, there was a smooth arc around the wave textured dial. I immediately asked about his watch, until then, I had always known a watch to tick. He explained to me how it was mechanical, and that his wrist would wind it as he moved, I love this thinking back to this moment.

When it came time to choosing a watch for my parents to purchase, I knew a lot less than I do now, and the search began while watching Formula 1, one evening. During a commercial break, and in between shouts of encouragement toward Fernando Alonso, a Tag Heuer advertisement with a close up of a watchmaker assembling a movement and Lewis Hamilton talking in the background. I’m a big car person and love things that are simple, classic and timeless, no pun intended. Jumping onto the interwebs, I admired the advertised watch and made sure it ticked my requirement of a clear case back- a Carrera Chronograph – and read about its racing history. I remember searching for other watches, but I had made up my mind that I wanted a Carrera. I showed my parents, and they weren’t sure, they both looked at each other and told me, this is sporty, we want to give you a dress watch, time only, maybe a date. I continued searching and found that Tag Heuer made a dress version of the Carrera, it had the same classic case shape, with bevelled and tapered lugs, a combination of simplicity and nostalgic charm. Mum and Dad approved and then began the wait of numerous months before my birthday.

There are so many things I love about this watch, outside of its sentimental value. The chamfered edge from the lug down to the spring bar, the circular texture behind the indices, the hands that are angled to ensure one side is always reflecting life, or the detail in matching the date window to the dial colour. Of course, there is the heart of the watch, the automatic, Calibre 5 automatic movement, I always enjoy flipping the watch over and seeing the spinning rotor and the hairspring moving back and forth.

Thank you Nick for your story!