It brings back the memories that time takes away


Ladies Seiko Quartz
A 5 year tenure gift from Canon

I can’t remember the exact date that I began working for Canon, I believe it was around ’91, as I had my first child in ’92.
I worked in the Consumer Products Department of Canon. Ah, what exactly was my role.. Sales, Personal Assistant, Secretary or Marketing, I can’t completely remember, it was so long ago. Our department sold products such as calculators, the Starwriters and bubble jet printers. I was working for Canon during a time when the bubble jet printers were just coming in and the company was thriving. It really was exciting times for technology.

This watch was gifted to me for reaching a 5 year tenure with the company. I really appreciated it at the time, as it made me feel that my company valued me and the work that I did. Sometimes when you work for these big companies, you feel like you’re just a number and you are simply replaceable if you don’t just go with the flow.
I never really wore the watch, but I do take care of it and try to ensure that both the watch and the strap stays in a pristine condition. To me, the watch acts as a physical embodiment of the hard work and good times I had with the company. As so many years have passed since I worked with Canon, my memories of my time there are fading, but when I hold the watch and look at it, it is amazing; it almost acts as a tool that can immediately spark recollection of my experiences there.

Thank you C. for your story.