Modern, fun and funky


The story of the Jager LeCoultre Dual Face Reverso
Story by Min
Thumbnail Image taken by @Ahwcreations (Instagram)

I’ve heard many people say you know you made it when you have a Rolex. I could wear Rolex or any other watch, but so far this Jager LeCoultre Reverso is the only piece i’ve ever owned that makes me think, “damn, does that make me feel classy”.
I have heard people say that this watch is way too small and not versatile enough. I’ve even be told that it looks like a grandpa’s watch… but I disagree.

I love mixing this watch up with different straps. I have a blue ostrich strap that makes the watch fun, a black gator strap for those dressier moments and a brown leather strap for those times when you need a good middle ground.
But my favourite of the straps is my blue ostrich strap. It just makes the dial pop and brings the watch to life. It makes the watch feel modern, fun and funky, unlike the black strap, though with it merits too, providing a match to almost anything it is worn together with.

I do have a story about the blue strap.
Long story short, the day I got the strap, an OEM JLC ostrich strap, I went to a Burmese restaurant, and whilst eating I somehow managed to flick a bit of sauce right in-between the two layers of the strap. I panicked and attempted to give it a good clean. This worked and it was cleaned, however a mate of mine suggested that I condition it. I didn’t really think twice about it and just did it. To my disbelief, it had created a dark patch on my strap. I felt that I couldn’t just have that dark spot so I ended up darkening the rest of the strap, which really annoys me to be quite honest!

The strap still looked amazing, in a way it matches the watch more and as a bonus its now conditioned, but I have a philosophy around my watch collecting. I’m the kind of guy that doesn’t like to have anything modified so in my head it’s like I’ve ruined the strap. It’s kind of OCD I know, but unfortunately I’m fussy like that. The only exception to this rules would be if I were to create accidental scratches in the watch myself. Though I would remember when and how all those scratches were created, I wouldn’t care, as it is part of the history of my watch.

Thank you Min for your story!